The Sedan, exclusivity on the road for NexoTransfer customers

Always associated with comfort, luxury and safety, the Sedan type car, also known as Saloon , has its origins in the 17th century in Germany. The construction of a four-wheel vehicle with four seats and a rigid roof evolved until it was adopted by the first car bodies. Today it is one of the most spacious, powerful and versatile car models on the market.

At NexoTransfer we highly value giving an excellent transfer service to our clients. Therefore, we bet on this type of car. Sedan or Saloon cars are considered the most comfortable on the market and are excellent for both an individual passenger and four people. Due to their mix of safety and reliability, they also have excellent behavior on the road, which makes them ideal for traveling from Malaga airport to Nerja and vice versa, for example.

Therefore, if you are looking for a private taxi or transfer service, at NexoTransfer you are sure that you will travel in the best vehicle on the market.

Why the Sedan is the most comfortable car for road travel

The cars of the Sedan type , which are the ones we use in NexoTransfer for the transfer of up to four passengers add to its elegant lines the lightness and ease of handling of a sports car. The passenger who arrives at Pablo Ruiz Picasso Malaga Airport after a long journey and wants to travel to Nerja will find a spacious and comfortable space in which to relax until reaching their final vacation destination.

A Sedan is a spacious vehicle

Its almost five meters long, almost two wide and one and a half meters high make up a vehicle with a remarkable interior habitability. Four passengers can travel in it in a comfortable way. Also worth noting is the large 586-liter boot that can comfortably fit the luggage of five people.

A Sedan is a powerful vehicle

150 horsepower and 218 km top speed are figures of a robust and road-ready vehicle. Equipment with an included driving assistant improves the performance of the car.

Sedan Vehicle Security Systems

At NexoTransfer we are very concerned about the security of our travelers. Sedan-style vehicles have all kinds of safety systems: ABS, electronic traction control, front airbag for driver and side airbags for passengers, seat belts, stability control and rear and front parking sensors with radar.

The comfort of Sedan vehicles: luxury on four wheels

The seats are very comfortable, they also have a perfect angle to lay your back, which is appreciated after an airplane trip. They also have a wide space in front of each passenger with which you can stretch your legs without problem.

In short, if you need to travel from Malaga Pablo Ruiz Picasso Airport to Nerja , Benalmádena , Ronda or any other locality in the province, has the NexoTransfer transfer service. Check how our high-end Sedan type vehicles are driven by our professional drivers they will take you door to door without you even realizing it. Quick but safe, spacious and exclusive for each traveler, our vehicles are always ready for our clients.

Because we are the leading private transfer company on the Costa del Sol, choose NexoTransfer. The best way to start your vacation.